Revolutionizing Marketing: The Power of Digitally Printed Materials

When it comes to marketing, technology is transforming the world. The companies that embrace this change will prosper, while those who ignore it will fall behind. One of the most effective ways to leverage new technology is to incorporate digitally printed materials into a holistic marketing strategy.

Using today’s digital printing capabilities and data, it is easier than ever to create customized and targeted print collateral that complements an overall branding campaign. From product labels and retail signage to billboards, posters and postcards, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, it is often cheaper to have these printed materials digitally printed than to print them in house. Additionally, digital printing allows for quick and easy changes to designs or text, which can make the difference in an effective piece.

There is no doubt that incorporating print into your marketing strategy is still vital. Many marketers may think that the advent of digital media has made paper obsolete, but this is simply untrue. Despite the proliferation of emails, social media and online ads that vie for consumers’ attention, print marketing continues to be an extremely powerful tool. In fact, it has been found that readers process visuals 60,000 times faster than text and are more likely to remember them.

In addition to the human brain processing visuals more quickly, the physical nature of print marketing materials also helps to leave a lasting impression on the viewer. A study from Temple University consumer neuroscience has shown that consumers are able to engage with print media more deeply, resulting in greater emotional responses and improved memory recall. Additionally, a recent survey by Forbes Agency Council revealed that direct mail is 6x more effective at generating leads than email, social media and paid search combined.

Furthermore, while the internet and smartphones are a vital part of many people’s lives, there are still a significant number of Americans who do not have access to this technology. In fact, 10% of the population does not even have high speed internet. Including marketing materials like note pads, postcards and business cards that are designed with these individuals in mind is an essential way for businesses to reach them. Not only does this add legitimacy to your brand, but it also increases trust and builds your reputation. Additionally, adding a QR code to your printed material makes it easy for those without smartphones to connect to a website, social media page or telephone tracking number. This gives your audience the ability to track their engagement and response with your printed marketing pieces and can help you determine the ROI of your print investment. To ensure your print marketing materials are successful, make sure you partner with a reputable Orlando print shop.